1) Arts Grants Project


The main purpose of the project is to assist to the creation of new art works, promote the creative potential of the artists, contribute to the modern art field development in Armenia.


2) Hasratyan series


«Hasratyan» series is dedicated to the legacy of prominent figures of Armenian architecture and fine arts of the 20th century. The series aims to present to the Armenian and foreign public the great traces of 20th century Armenian fine arts and crafts, artists and architects to the public.


3) Minasyan series


«Minasyan» center aims to implement historiographical researches. The main goal of the center is to find ways to withstand contemporary challenges facing Armenia. The center intends to promote public and scientific debate on modern Armenian history through researches.


4) Armenian Artists Abroad


The Purpose of the project is to assist young Armenian artists abroad


5) Education project-Coming soon