Hasratyan-Minasyan Foundation

The goal of the foundation is the preservation, dissemination and further development of art and cultural heritage both in the Republic of Armenia and in Artsakh and the Diaspora, as well as the development of international cooperation in the field of culture.

Hasratyan Center

The main mission of the Hasratyan Center is to study and preserve the legacy of Grigor Hasratyan, the Mayor of Yerevan in 1962-1975.


Minasyan Center

The goal of the Minasyan Center is to promote the preservation of historical heritage in Armenia and Artsakh, the formation of a civilized society through development through social, educational and scientific programs.



“Hasratyan-Minasyan Foundation” implements social-educational and cultural programs to stimulate the development of arts, education and science, to contribute to the establishment of harmonious and civilized society. The goal of our programs is to support the development of modern art and the preservation of the cultural heritage in Armenia, Artsakh and the Armenian Diaspora. Thanks to yearly initiatives of Hasratyan and Minasyan Centers, creative heritage of workers of arts, public figures and politicians are being studied, then those studies reach out to the general public.


In the "News" section we will present articles, videos and photos on the programs of the "Hasratyan-Minasyan" foundation

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