Hasratyan Center

The main mission of Hasratyan Center is to study and preserve the heritage of Grigor Hasratyan, Mayor of the city of Yerevan, 1962-1977. In 1960-70’s Yerevan was rapidly transforming into an active cultural environment under Mayor Hasratyan’s management.


The goal of the Foundation is to implement programs that would stimulate the development of arts, education and science, contribute to the establishment of harmonious and civilized society and to the spreading the basic values of democracy. These missions form the core of Hasratyan Center’s grant programs called “Crisis” and “Confrontation”. The Center organizes exhibitions under the program called “Armenian artists abroad”. Due to this initiative Armenian artists have an opportunity to showcase their works in world’s most famous exhibition halls. In 2020, within the framework of this program, Arshak Sarkissian presented his “Angels and Demons” exhibition in Italy. The next program of Hasratyan Center is “Hasratyan Series”, first book of which is Karen Balyan’s monograph, named “Fenix Darbinyan: the architect, who brought joy to the city”. The next book will be about Valentin Podpomogov, a monograph by Vigen Galstyan.


In 1972 the first and only Soviet Museum of Contemporary Art was founded in the capital of Armenia. Yerevan transformed due to prominent modernistic buildings. Arts, literature and cinematography started to flourish, and the city became a scientific center. Yerevan of this period was always in never-ending search of innovations. Hasratyan center encourages new cultural and architectural studies and aims to transform Yerevan and Armenia into world’s innovation center again.


The “Media” section represents media publications related to Hasratyan Center’s programs.

Grant Program

Hasratyan Center holds grant contests for creating works of visual art. In 2019 the theme of the contest was “Crisis” and in 2020 - “Confrontation”. The purpose of the program is to assist in creation of new works of art, promote the creative potential of artists and contribute to the development of Armenia’s modern art.

History և political science

The "Minasyan" section will be engaged in reinterpretation of history, alternative research of political thought.

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