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Presentation of “Hasratyan-Minasyan” foundation

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Presentation of “Hasratyan-Minasyan”Foundation took place


Presentation of “Hasratyan-Minasyan” foundation took place

Who are the Winners of “Hasratyan-Minasyan” foundation contest

Documentary about “Hasratyan-Minasyan” foundation

Presentation of “Hasratyan-Minasyan” Foundation took place

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“Hasratyan-Minasyan”Foundation. 3 artists won the grant contest and received a cash prize. One symbol, two names. The Minasyan and Hasratyan names were united as one by he decision of the heirs in memory of Michael Minasyan, philosopher and public figure and the mayor of Yerevan Grigor Hasratyan. “Hasratyan-Minasyan” Foundation launches.