Minasyan Center

The main goal of Minasyan Center’s researches is to find ways to withstand contemporary challenges facing Armenia. The programs announced by the Center aim to encourage public discussions and scientific debates on the modern and contemporary history of Armenia through researches and investigations.


“Hasratyan-Minasyan Foundation” implements social-educational and cultural programs to stimulate the development of arts, education and science, to contribute to the establishment of harmonious and civilized society. The goal of our programs is to support the development of modern art and the preservation of the cultural heritage in Armenia, Artsakh and the Armenian Diaspora. Thanks to yearly initiatives of Hasratyan and Minasyan Centers, creative heritage of workers of arts, public figures and politicians are being studied, then those studies reach out to the general public.


In pursuit of this goal, every year Minasyan Center announces a call for research proposals on “Revisiting Twentieth-Century Armenian History” grant program. At the end of the call the evaluation team selects the best scientific research proposals and grants awards to the winners. The research works carried out during a year are being published and become accessible to the public. One of the programs of Minasyan Center is republication of the books of philosopher, historian Mikael Minasyan (1927-2013). Publishing reviews about the books is chosen among several formats of republication. The new material is to be presented in a number of faculties of different universities.


The “News” section represents articles, photo and video materials about Minasyan Center’s programs.


The “Media” section represents media publications related to Minasyan Center’s programs.

Grant Program

Every year Minasyan Center announces a call for research proposals on “REVISITING TWENTIETH-CENTURY ARMENIAN HISTORY”. The goal of the grant contest is to financially support researches, that would revisit the history of Armenia in the 20th century. Groups of historians, sociologists, archeologists, as well as individual scientists study aspects that haven’t been sufficiently studied till now, then exclusive historiographical researches are being published in books, thus becoming accessible to the public.

History և political science

The "Minasyan" section will be engaged in reinterpretation of history, alternative research of political thought.

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