IMPRINTS, Anush Ghukasyan

Project concept

The human being is a social creature. Because of this, socialization is essential for him/her, meaning his/her identification with a society, acceptance of its values, rules, and goals. It is also essential that human being feels a part of that society. This idea of identification, mostly in this globalized world, results in conformism, a crisis of an individual’s creative thought, which is considered the most valuable manifestation of human beings. Specifically, Armenians often express deep dogmatic thinking and activity. As an example, while representing him/herself, a person brings forward his/her ethnic belonging, the value of patriotism.
By doing this, that person often puts pressure on the identity formation process, through the idea of national identity.
This artwork is a reflection of the crisis of an individual’s identity establishment in general and particularly in Armenia. I represent my work, made of 4 objects (1. Hellenistic era bust), 2-USSR production 20l glass container to keep alcohol in it. 3. Any room plant, and 4. Modern, silicone toy of Japanese production, these objects, which have no regularity, have different conditions of creation, periods, locations.
Aiming to draw parallels between this work and the crisis of the individual’s progress, I bring this four different objects into the museum environment, I deprive them of their past and typical materiality and size visualizing identification and referring to individual’s identification. ։ As a result of my direct intervention, I will have these objects from
faience-slippery, glazed, glossy surface which is not typically characteristic to any of these items. As an emphasis, I cover the surface symmetrical with repetitive spots-to suppress their once external colorand quality features.


Anush Ghukasyan was born in Yerevan in 1985. She graduated from college after P. Terlemezyan, later, in graphics department in Yerevan State academy of Fine arts. She worked with different medias-computer graphics, machine tool printing, ceramics , etc During her student years, she participated in some exhibitions “Power Nap” (Modern Art Museum, Yerevan 2018 she completed the “111” project with Nelly Gevorgyan, Dalan gallery, Yerevan 2018, “Hype Pop Up” gallery, Yerevan 2018). She presented her “Peeping Tom” installation at Hype Retrospective with various media-clay, lamps, paper, metal templates, Armenia Department Store, Yerevan 2018.
«Piece» project dedicated to 150th anniversary of Komitas, Komitas museum institute, Yerevan, 2019 .