In November, 2019, the “Minasyan Center” of the Hasratyan-Minasyan Foundation announced a call for research proposals on “Revisiting Twentieth-Century Armenian History”. The Centre has received 54 highly qualified and insightful research proposals from six countries. On March 2, the Foundation has selected the following research proposals:


Applicants Proposed research topic Institution
Arsen Bobokhyan

Avetis Grigoryan


Zurna and Drum: Clashes between Armenians and Muslims in Eastern Armenia during the 1900-1910ss and the Operation Zod Institute of Archeology and Ethnography, NAA RA


Ruben Melkonyan

Naira Poghosyan


The Immigration of Armenians from Turkey to Soviet Armenia between 1920s and 1980s: Manifestation of identity problems Faculty of Oriental Studies, YSU


Mihran Galstyan

Nare Galstyan

Ani Apyan


Repatriation paths of the Armenian Diaspora: Challenges and Opportunities Examined Institute of Archeology and Ethnography, NAA RA

University of Milan, Italy

Claremont University, USA

Naira Sahakyan Collapsed Empires, Sovietized Dreams: Armenian Intellectuals’ Perception of the 1917 Revolution and Their Vision of the Future of Armenia University of Amsterdam, Netherlands


The Hasrastyan-Minasyan Foundation congratulates all the winners of the research award competition and looks forward to fruitful collaboration.

The Foundation appreciates the efforts and time of those scholars whose interesting research proposals have not been selected. The competition for this year’s award was particularly strong and the Foundation had to make difficult choices between many remarkable proposals. In the future, the Foundation will announce more research calls creating more opportunities for collaboration.

The Minasyan Centre remains committed to reinvigorating the general intellectual climate in  Armenia and the Diaspora by encouraging new standards of professionalism in historiography; reviving the functional, yet partly neglected, importance of the historical profession; and critically re-evaluating teaching and research methods in the discipline of Armenian history. The Center aims to bolster an environment for debate on the modern and contemporary history of Armenia, which will lead to reformulations of purpose and principle, as well as throw new light on and accumulate new insights regarding the Armenian past.

The Hasratyan-Minasyan Foundation was established in February 2019 in memory of the prominent academic and politician, Mikayel Minasyan, and the architect and politician, Grigor Hasratyan. The goal of the Foundation is the preservation, dissemination, and further development of the cultural heritage and art in Armenia, Artsakh, and the Armenian Diaspora, as well as the development of international collaboration in the cultural domain.